You’ve planned everything and packed your things. Finally, the day comes when you’re finally moving out. However, while you can’t do all that lifting and carrying, the movers Fredericksburg VA has provided you show up and do everything really fast. When you begin to wonder and ask yourself, “Am I supposed to tip them?” then you should learn these four things.

Why You Should Tip Movers

Indeed, you should tip your movers. Your movers are expecting you to tip them. The movers belong to any other similar service industry. It’s essential to know that movers make things easier for you. In fact, they’re worth more than your hairdresser. However, why you should tip them depends on how they did their job. Did they protect your furniture? Did they bust a sweat as they ran to carry your stuff? Did they help you pack your things?

How Much Tip You Should Give

If you’ve decided to tip movers Fredericksburg VA has provided you, then you should give each mover a rate of $20 for every five hours of work. That should be reasonable. Some movers would spend around 12 hours moving all your antiques without any trouble into the eighth floor of your apartment. In that case, tip them each at $100. Also, think of what they’re moving. Nonetheless, tipping them anywhere from $4 to $8 per hour of work is the usual standard. For two hours of work, give them anything between $8 and $16.

Give the Hard Worker a Bigger Tip

In case you notice one of the workers doing the job harder than the others in his team, then give him a bigger tip. If you see him doing his best and going the extra mile for you and your furniture, make sure he gets a much bigger tip than the others. You can also tell the manager about his performance in case you can send a review. Make sure that the manager knows the exact person you’re talking about.

The Tip Doesn’t Have to Be Money

You don’t have to tip professional movers with money. You can order a pizza, or you can have food ready for them to have lunch with you. That’s an excellent way of showing how much you appreciate them. Hungry workers are not necessarily happy ones, so food will keep them working happily. Food is also a great way to relieve stress.


Some Final Words

The moving day is undeniably stressful. However, you don’t have to burden yourself with all that stress if there are professional movers Fredericksburg VA can provide you with. Also, you won’t break your bank if you have to tip them even with $8. Besides, it’s being professional on your part. The most important thing is that you’ve shown your appreciation.