Would you like to become a BIM specialist? These engineering technicians are in high demand. They can incorporate many procedures and maintenance protocols when using CAD design software. BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modelling. As you develop the design for a construction project, you will have the opportunity to evolve a digital representation of the building that will add value at all future stages of the project. When you become a BIM specialist, you will be able to document and design infrastructure and building designs that can be used for both large and small structures.

Where Are These Specialists Used?


If you do become a specialist BIM provider, this will undoubtedly offer new and exciting opportunities different to those experienced when working solely in CAD. Instead of just focusing upon drafting techniques and drawing development, BIM will widen your perspective allowing you to visualise each project as a 3D intelligent replica of the real thing, with model and data elements to consider. This requires an extraordinary level of expertise that may not be accessible when working with a CAD specialist. That is why becoming a BIM expert can be more valuable and ultimately may lead to having a much more lucrative career.


How To Become A BIM Expert?


Following a suitable apprenticeship or vocational study within the construction or engineering industry, you can undertake additional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in BIM and allied software platforms most likely leading to certification, indicating your understanding and expertise with BIM-related concepts and practices. Alternatively, you may find courses online that will allow you to become a BIM technician, and you can add this to your CAD certification if you already have one. Once completed, you will know necessary, and the credentials that will be needed, to pursue a very lucrative career in this industry.


If your goal is to become a BIM certified expert, you now know what path to take. It is easy to become certified in this industry. It is also helpful if you have a basic grounding in technical drawing / CAD drafting, which you will most probably learn through your employment. Working with construction companies can lead to a lucrative career, and as a BIM specialist, this will undoubtedly be open to you.